UK Voiceover and Actor - Tony Collins Fogarty
British Male Voiceover and Actor - Tony Collins Fogarty
UK Voiceover and Actor - Tony Collins Fogarty
British Male Voiceover and Actor - Tony Collins Fogarty
Pictures courtesy of Anthony Robling.

As an Actor, I've been on a path of taking a variety of actor and drama training since 2012.  My motivation behind this is to broaden my range of skills as a voiceover artist, and potentially take additional work as either voice actor or actor.

Below is some of the work and training I've done so far:



2016:    "Boarding Pass" -  Animation Short.   Director - Kristine Kreska -  Faerie Media, Los Angeles.   (Role: Super Sheikieh)


2015:      "Ten Tiny Fingers and Nine Tiny Toes".  Writer : Sue Townsend - Bradford Theatre In The Mill.    (Role: Ralph).


Voice Training.

I have taken a variety of voice training over the last 6 years, including a mixture of workshops and 1-2-1 coaching.  I am currently training with Nancy Wolfson from Braintracks Audio in Los Angeles.  Nancy is a world-leading coach in Commercial Voiceover and Acting For Advertising.

I see voice work as an on going process of self development.  I also think it's important for voiceover artists to get "another ear" on their work, to continue that progression.

Meisner Technique.

Meisner has really been at the heart of my actor training in the last 6 years, amounting to hundreds of hours of training.  I completed a year long course in 2015 with Keith Farquar (Moment to Moment Acting).   I have also travelled to attend some of Keith's European classes in Lyon, Strasbourg and Brussels.  I have also done a significant number of courses with Scott Williams (Impulse Theatre Company), including a workshop in Copenhagen, which also included training with Niki Flacks.   Niki's work compliments Meisner, and focuses on "acting with passion", how to be alive and emotionally open in our work.  All this alongside sessions in Leeds with West Yorkshire Theatre Network and its successor Both Feet.

Act Up North.

I attended weekly workshops with Act Up North in Leeds, from 2013 to 2017.   They focus on acting technique for TV and Film.  They regularly have workshops with visiting Casting Directors and other industry professionals.  I'm taking a break right now, but will go back!


Training List: 

Year(s) Training Provider / Company
2018-19 1-2-1 Voiceover Coaching Nancy Wolfson - Braintracks Audio, L.A.
2017-19 Online Voiceover Training & Mentoring (ongoing). Gravy For The Brain.
2018 Voice Workshops with Pippa Anderson Both Feet Acting
2016-18 Meisner Technique - Ongoing Training Both Feet Acting
2017 Meisner Technique - Emotional Preparation - (Lyon, France) Moment2Moment Acting
2013-17 Acting For TV ActUp North, Leeds
2012-17 Meisner Technique with Scott Williams - (multiple courses) WYTN
2016 Niki Flacks - Acting With Passion (Copenhagen Workshop) Impulse Theatre, London
2014-15 Voiceover Coaching (1-2-1) Emma Gregory - Voice Coach
2014-15 Year Long Meisner Training Course WYTN - West Yorkshire Theatre Network
2015 Meisner Technique - Short Courses in Lyon, Brussels and Strasbourg Moment2Moment Acting
2014 RP Accent Training (1-2-1 Sessions) Natalie Grady - Voice Coach
2014 Actors Workshop - Suranne Jones AUN, Manchester
2014 TV Presentation Workshop The Television Training Academy, Leeds
2014 Stage Combat Raven Academy, York
2012-16 Meisner Technique - Acting West Yorkshire Theatre Network
2014 Voiceover Workshop with Emma Gregory Alra North, Wigan
2013-14 Improv Workshops & Training Monkeyheads & Comedysportz, Leeds
2013-14 Alexander Technique Grant Ragsdale, Swarthmore Centre, Leeds
2013 Acting For Radio Workshop with Emma Gregory Alra North, Wigan
2013 Voice Accents Workshop with Natalie Grady AUN, Manchester
2013 Voice Workshops Maggi Stratford, HEART, Leeds
2012-14 Weekly Drama Workshop Swarthmore Centre, Leeds
2012-13 Monthly Acting Class Northern Drama Acting School, Leeds