British Male Voiceover and Actor – Tony Collins Fogarty

My Background.

I am a British Male Voiceover Artist with over 30 years broadcast experience and 6 years of actor training.

If you're in the UK, US or Canada, you may already be familiar with my voice as the bathrobe-clad owl (Little Wiser) from TripAdvisor's TV campaigns (2017 to present).

I have worked as a professional UK voiceover artist for 12 years (and full time for the last 6 years).  Prior to this I worked as a radio broadcaster and producer.  My media experience has included management of programming, PR, Marketing, Event management, filming and producing video content, and building websites.

Audio is at the heart of what I do.  When I began (in 1988), audio editing was still done on reel-to-reel machines, cutting the tape with razor blades.  This is where I learned my skills.  Years later, it's all about computers, software, digital processing and outputting files for all sorts of media uses.  I have worked throughout this transformation to digital media.

What Do I Do Now?

I work with clients around the world, helping them meet their voiceover artist needs, as easily as possible.

I believe in offering value and expertise.   I can save you money, because no additional studio hire is needed to complete a session.  I offer fast turnaround, saving time on each project.   I'm happy to offer a free sample of your script, so you can get a sense of whether my voice will work on your project.

I work from my own professionally equipped voice booth, with Neumann microphone and Focusrite audio gear.   You'll get great quality audio ready for your production.  (24-bit / 48khz mono .wav standard).

I'm set up to record audio in my studio, or connect live at studio quality across the world, using systems like ipDTL, ISDN or Source Connect Now.   You can even direct live sessions via Skype or by phone - so you can do it from your desk.

Actor Training.

Most professional voiceover artists come from either a radio production background or from acting.  With decades of radio experience, in 2012 I decided that to become a rounded and more experienced voiceover artist, I should take some actor training.

Initially, my thoughts were to take just a few classes, but 6 years on it's been much more than that.  I have done vocal classes, 6 years of The Meisner Technique, and 4 years of Acting For TV classes.

In 2015, I appeared in my first theatre play.

Not only have I loved it, but I believe that it gives me a unique skillset in having broadcast experience, technical production expertise and actor training.

Radio & Events

My first ever radio broadcast was presenting an AA Roadwatch travel news bulletin on BBC Radio Sheffield in 1989.  Since then I have worked for many commercial radio stations, including presenting a live network syndicated late-show broadcast across 26 UK radio stations, covering from Falkirk in Scotland to the Isle Of Wight.

I have presented for many stations in the North of England, including Magic 828, Radio Aire, Magic 999, Magic 1161, Stray FM, Minster FM, Yorkshire Coast Radio and numerous others.

At Radio Aire, I event managed (and sometimes hosted) the Party In The Park concerts in Leeds, to an audience of 70,000 people, in addition to other high profile events.   I also became the voice of Yorkshire's first ever Flying Eye, presenting from a plane every weekday morning for 3 years.

I produced radio shows from Disneyworld in Florida broadcast live back to the UK.  Outside of radio, I held the contract to manage the Pre-match LUTV entertainment at Leeds United during their peak in the Premiership and UEFA Champion's League (1999-2001).

What Can I Do For You?

Let's talk about what you need.    I specialise in the corporate and commercial sectors.  If you're making an Explainer Video, Web Content, On-Hold Marketing, E-Learning, Radio or TV commercial, then I can help with your voiceover.

We can work together, or just send the script with a brief, and I'll deliver your finished audio ready to drop into your production.

Call me for a chat, or drop me an email, and we can discuss your project.

Career Highlights:

  • Voice of TripAdvisor TV Campaign in UK, US and Canada, heard by millions. More than 60,000 national airings on US Television between June 2017 and Nov 2018. (Campaign still running)
  • Training as an actor for the last 6 years, principally in the Meisner Technique, and appearing in my first play in 2015.
  • Voice of over 20,000 Property Tours for leading UK estate agents over 5 years. (2012-2017)
  • Producing and presenting a late night syndicated radio show aired across 26 stations in the UK, with coverage from the Isle of Wight in the south, to Falkirk in the north.
  • Producing and stage managing Radio Aire's "Party In The Park" concert for three years.  An outdoor, live event attended by 70,000 people at Temple Newsam, Leeds.
  • Holding the contract to produce and event manage Leeds United's "LUTV" pre-match and half-time entertainment for two successful years through their peak in the Premiership and Champion's League.
  • Producing Live Outside Radio Broadcasts from Disneyworld Florida, back to the UK. Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Disneyworld Florida.
  • Jointly creating a television game show format, optioned and then piloted by Yorkshire Television.
  • Presenting Yorkshire's first ever Flying Eye travel service, under the moniker "Captain Collins".