I’ve worked professionally with audio for more than 30 years. I can connect for live broadcast quality sessions or I can self-record, expertly edit and supply recordings in a format of your choice. Check out my voice studio specification or remote connections (ways you can connect live to direct sessions).

My expertise means I’m at home working with experienced studios and audio engineers, or with new digital clients feeling their way through their process and in need of help along the way.

An experienced British male voice-over artist for corporate and commercial sectors.

Voice Over Services: E-Learning Content.  Information for Instructional designers and project managers.

I work with instructional designers for many international brands, providing voiceovers for subjects as diverse as IT security, fraud and champagne production.

Voice Over Services for Video Production.  Live voice sessions or supplied audio for your content.

II have been the voice of narration for many video projects. These include online videos, corporate presentations, exhibition videos, point of sale, training, etc.

Voice Over Services for Commercials (adverts) for TV, Radio, Online and cinema.

Everything from local radio commercials to being the international TV voice of Tripadvisor in the UK, US and Canada.

Voice Over Services for Dubbing and Localisation.  Repurposing your content into English for another audience.

I am work with many international clients who need to localise content into English.

This might be as simple as just getting an English voiceover of a translated script, or it could involve time-syncing to match up the English voice to the pace and rhythm of the original voiceover.

Voice Over Services for Marketing and Digital Teams.  I work directly with in-house teams and can supply edited audio.

Increasingly, content creators are in-house members of digital and marketing teams. This is where you need experience in your voice over artist. I’ve worked in audio production for broadcast for over 30 years. I can help you achieve professional quality content.

Voice-Over Services: Male voice-over artist for IVR / On-Hold recording.

I work with a number of clients as the voice of their telephone on-hold services. It’s the perfect way to make sure you capture all incoming calls and don’t miss a customer.