E-Learning Voice-Over Artists. What you need to know about booking one:

When searching for voice actors, you’ll want to find someone who specifically understands E-Learning and Voice-Overs.

It’s a skill.   You’re talking to someone at length about a topic that might not be the most interesting.  You have to keep their attention, understand the status of who you’re talking to, and convincingly convey information you’ve never seen or heard of before.  Not everyone can do it.

You’ll want to know that they have a great sounding recording chain and professional recording space.  

Different studio spaces have a different ‘sound’.  Microphones too. So if they’re ducking and diving between studios, or worse still, recording in make-shift spaces, this is going to affect the quality of your recording, especially if you go back for changes and tweaks later.

You’ll want to know they can deliver a great performance AND have the skills to record it.

Depending on their background or discipline, you may meet a voice-over artist who can record and edit flawlessly, but isn’t a great performer, or a voice-over who is an outstanding actor, but clueless about editing and software.  To get a quality performance recorded, you’ll need someone with both sets of skills.

This has become a particular problem since Covid 19, as people try to work from home. Artists who are experienced, but have never operated themselves from their own studio are scrambling to get set up.   The skills of an audio engineer can’t be learnt overnight.  Home studios can’t be built around a £50 microphone and a duvet. Always ask for a test recording using a script you have provided.

You’ll want a professional who’s available and on-time.

If recording e-Learning content is a hobby or ‘side-hustle’ to them, then they will have other priorities.  Will your client understand that your supplier has a ‘day-job’ and can’t deliver for a week?

You’ll want ease.

You’ll want to work with someone who slots in as part of your E-Learning instructional design team.  Easy to deal with, available to answer questions, who get’s your process and is someone you can trust.

E-Learning Voice Over Artist:  Professional voiceover recording and audio editing of E-Learning content.
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

E-Learning Case Study:

An E-Learning Voice Over for Champagne

E-Learning Voice Over Artist:  Image of Tony's studio for professional quality E-learning voiceovers.
Voice Over Booth

Get a professional E-Learning Voice-Over Artist. Why work with me?

I am an experienced voice-over artist.

I first spoke into a microphone professionally in 1989.  After decades of radio, broadcast and production experience, I started the journey of training as an actor in 2012.  I have worked as a voice-over regularly since 2005 and full time for the last 8 years.  My voice has been heard by millions of people.  I believe that this skillset is perfect for you.  I’m an expert audio editor and producer with ‘acting chops’.

I am experienced at E-Learning voice-overs.

I have worked on numerous projects in recent years, covering topics such as fraud, trade sanctions, email phishing, IT server platforms, champagne growing and production, brand management, autonomy and ‘learned helplessness’.

I’m trusted by major brands.

I’ve delivered projects for brands such as Amazon, Michelin, Total, Oxford University Press, Pulse Secure, Mumm Perrier Jouet, Fox Corp., and more.

I offer value. 

I won’t be the cheapest, or the most expensive, but I do believe I offer a value proposition of quality to price.  This isn’t just a job to me.  I take care in producing work that I am proud of and hopefully you will be too.  I’ll work with you to get it right and just as you need. 

I’ll also record a free sample, so you can be confident of my performance and the quality of the recording.

I’m easy to work with.

I know what I’m doing and have an understanding of what you need.  I’ll be an addition to your team.  Why?  The selfish reason is that keeping existing customers happy is easier than finding new ones.  It’s good for business.

My E-Learning Voice-Over offer.

A service based on Trust, Quality, Ease and Value.


Listen and Download

(Download on the demos page)


Most e-learning scripts are charged on a per word basis, with a minimum session amount.

I will correct my mistakes free of charge.

Discounts are available for ongoing projects or longer projects.


Produced to the same quality and in the same studio – so they seamlessly sit with earlier content.

Script changes are charged per word (no minimum fee if requested within 30 days of the original recording.)

Voice Over Audio Delivery

I can deliver files in any format.  MP3 is popular with e-learning developers.   I can split files and follow your naming conventions.

Some clients use their own servers or project management systems such as Wrike.  I’m happy to be set up to deliver into your system.