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Commercial Voice-Over Artist

I could be the perfect advert voice over for your brand! I’ve worked on radio and TV commercial voice overs. From local radio in the UK, to the voice of a global brand on TV across 2 continents.

Voice Qualities

Warm, friendly, conversational, ageless, relatable, bright and dynamic.

Northern Neutral Accent

My roots are in Leeds, West Yorkshire, although my accent has neutralised through years of being a luvvie. My Yorkshire can be turned up or down.

Voice Attitude

From authority to vulnerability, what do you need?

Authentic, sincere, to sarcastic and cynical.

I’ve heard enough…

TV Commercials

Read the Case Study: Tripadvisor TV Commercials

Live Remote Commercial Sessions:

I can connect live at studio quality to almost any studio in the world with a range of remote connections.

Directed Sessions:

I can also record sessions, with you dialled in to direct. You can do it from a phone at your desk, or via Skype or other digital platflorm. Once completed, I send the un-edited session to you.

In-Person Sessions:

Covid issues aside, I’m happy to travel to your studio where the project merits it.

Self-Directed & Recorded:

I can record and self-direct according to your brief, sending you edited takes or full audio.

My kit – quick list:

  • Neumann TLM 193 Mic.
  • Audient id4 interface.
  • Adobe CC – inc Audition.
  • Izotope RX 7 Standard.
  • Apple Imac 2018.

See my full studio specification.

Commercial Campaigns:

For commercial TV campaigns and national radio commercials, I can provide an audition recording for client approval. I’m happy to do a line test, should you need to, prior to a session.

For local radio commercials, I am regularly available for live sessions at short notice – often the same day. I work to agreed Equity minimum rates for in-house producers or agency rates otherwise.

For online campaigns, let’s chat, to see what you need and how I can help.

Clearly some large scale projects require me to attend external studios. Once Covid19 is sorted, I am happy to do this. Leeds, Manchester and London are all straight- foward options.