I have a variety of studio connections to make a live studio session possible. In addition, you may have a studio connection that I can connect to.

My blog article on working remotely with a voice over artist might also be helpful


All of these options are live studio quality connections. These allow you to direct and record a live session as you would if I were in-person in your studio.


I have a Cleanfeed account, so can connect to any studio with a compatible browser in their studio. Most commonly, Google Chrome or Chromium – but others work too.

Visit my Cleanfeed Voiceover page.

Source Connect Standard

An industry standard, (particularly in the US) for secure audio connection between studios.

If this is your preferred system, we can connect.

Visit my Source Connect Standard Voiceover page.


If you have a SessionLinkPRO subscription, then you can invite me to a live session using your account.

Visit my SessionLinkPRO Voiceover page.

Source Connect Now

I have a Source Connect Now account, so (like Cleanfeed) can connect to any studio with a compatible browser.

Visit my Source Connect Now Voiceover page.


I have a lapsed subscription with ipDTL – mostly because use of ISDN has diminished.

However, this still leaves me with an account that can access to a “Day-Pass” for specific projects or renewal where required.

ISDN needs to be an incoming call, and the numbers are generated dynamically, just before the start of the sesssion.

More details of ISDN Voiceovers.

More details of ipDTL Voiceovers.


All of these options allow listening in and direction of the session. The difference is you receive the recording afterwards and don’t need to be studio based in order to direct. You can do it from a phone or laptop.


I have a Skype account linked to my studio. This allows you to listen in and direct a session. Studio quality audio is recorded at my end and sent to you after the session.

Telephone Patch

This uses my Skype-In number. I have a UK number, which you can call on your phone, to direct a live session as per the Skype option. Audio sent immediately afterwards.


I can easily connect in a Zoom session to allow you or others to direct. I record the session cleanly at my end and send you the raw audio immediately afterwards.