How I Work

It’s useful to tell you a little about how I work… particularly if you’re not familiar with voiceovers.

My Goal is simple.    To build on-going established business relationships, by offering quality and value, and to be a trusted, respected and valued supplier.

In short, I want you to be happy with the finished product.  I’d really like it if you came back.  Again, and again.  It makes for a simple life.

Voiceover Process:

We start with your enquiry.  To give you a price, I’ll need a little information about what you have in mind.  Information such as how long the voiceover script is (in words or duration), where and how it will be used, for how long, and what kind of session you need.

You can drop me an email, or have a chat on the phone, or fill out this form.

I’ll get back to you with a price, and usage details.  Should you need it, I can also record a short sample.

If everyone’s happy, you can send me over the final approved script, and I’ll send over a formal quote, for you to confirm ahead of recording.

Once accepted, we move to recording.   There are four options here, which we’ll have discussed at your quote:

  1. Self-directed recording and editing.  You leave me to get on with it, according your brief, and I deliver the audio to you, in your preferred format.
  2. You can direct a live session, using either Skype or Telephone.  I record the audio, and send you the voiceover session recording.
  3. You can connect live to me at studio quality, to direct and record the live voiceover session at your end.
  4. I can come to your studio, or one of your choice, to record a session in person.

Many clients looking for quick turnaround on short jobs, go for option 1.    With this option, you’ll get broadcast quality audio, ready to drop on to your production timeline.

If I’ve made any mistakes on your audio, I will correct these free of charge, and promptly.   If you decide you want to change the script after recording, then this can be done at an additional fee.  This is purely to cover my time in making the changes you request.

You end up with your audio, licenced for use, and ready to go!

For French clients: 

I speak some French, and often work with clients by email in French, if this helps. I’m not fully fluent, but aided with a little help from Google translate, we can get the job done. Envoyez-moi un email et commençons!  I have also worked on English scripts containing French names and other references.