A British Male Voice for your brand messages.

Alexa Flash Briefings are a part of the Alexa Skills service from Amazon. They allow you to place spoken word at the heart of your relationship with your customers.

Flash Briefings are usually short audio pieces that are topical. They can range from news bulletins to information updates, to a thought for the day.

The point? You can bend the ear of your customers on a regular basis. Used correctly, it can be a great way to build loyalty to your brand and a relationship.

Brand loyalty is all about being top of mind. What better way than to literally speak to your customers?

If you need a voiceover for your brand, let’s talk about how I can help you deliver regular content to your customers.

I’m happy to do a short free demo sample, so you can check out the sound before committing.

I’ve worked in audio and broadcast all my working life. Let my expertise help you.

Let’s get started!

Just holler. Well, erm… type. For now.

The Amazon Echo - allow you to present audio to your clients through Alexa Flash Briefings

Flash Briefing Ideas:

The list of possibilities are endless for your Alexa Flash Briefings, but here are just some suggestions:

  • Product familiarisation.
  • Service updates.
  • Results / Scores / News service.
  • Service status / Availability.
  • Learning / Training Segments
  • Latest Offers