UK Voice Actor - Tony Collins Fogarty - Live sessions via ipDTL.

Connection Details

I have a lapsed subscription to ipDTL (as it provides ISDN which has diminished in use). If you have an account you can invite me to connect, or I can arrange a Day Pass for one-off projects.

I have other connections, including Source Connect Standard – which can also provide a ISDN bridge.

What is ipDTL?

ipDTL is an IP codec that works in a web browser, allowing studio quality audio to be sent between two studios.  Many British voiceover artists used it for voiceover work, while it was also widely used in remote broadcasting for television and radio. ipDTL stands for ‘internet protocol Down The Line’.

ipDTL was one of the first IP based services to get traction in the voiceover and production community, as many looked for an alternative to the outdated, but reliable ISDN service.  ISDN is currently being “sunsetted” by many telecom providers.

Can I connect to you using ipDTL?

Yes.  However I no longer have an ongoing subscription, but instead use the ‘Day Pass’ option if needed.  My principle reason for using ipDTL was that it provided an instant bridge to receiving ISDN calls.   Since the demand for ISDN itself has diminished, my use of ipDTL dropped to a level that could no longer justify the continuous subscription.

I can, of course, book it on a project by project basis. Also, my Source Connect Standard account can be bridged for ISDN sessions if needed.

More information:

I have a multitude of options for connecting live at studio quality, or just to direct a session.  Let’s have a chat and I can advise on what I can do for you.   I’m always happy to do a line test prior to any booking.

Take a listen to my audio, and get in touch to find out how I can connect with you.

More on the history of ipDTL.