Connection Details

I can connect via ISDN using either an ipDTL Day Pass or a bridge service, although I would strongly recommend using Source Connect Standard if that is available to you.

Let’s have a chat to find the best solution for you.

What is ISDN?

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network.  The short story is that in the days before the internet, telecom companies came up with a way to stream voice and data down ‘special’ telephones lines.  It was the 80s!

Tell me more…

For voice over artists, the technology allowed a studio quality connection using 2 telephone lines, with bits of kit at each end. (Codecs).  In broadcast and voiceover, ISDN was seen as a rock-solid piece of kit.  Reliable and not prone to problems.  When conducting live sessions, this was very important.

The problem was that as the Internet grew and offered more options, other industries that used ISDN for different purposes started to move into newer technology.  The early internet wasn’t very suitable for broadcast because of the way it buffered data.  Voice needed a continuous stream.  30 years passed, the internet got better, and ISDN is either being withdrawn or made prohibitively expensive.

Many will miss it because of its simplicity and reliability.

Can I connect to you on ISDN?

Yes, if you need to.   I have a Source Connect Standard account, which also makes it possible to use the Source Elements ISDN-Bridge.

I also have a multitude of different connection possibilities, so let’s have a chat to discuss how I can meet your needs.