Explainer videos are short high impact videos that communicate your business to your customers.  Key to a successful explainer video is the voiceover… to do the explaining bit.  Text and graphics are great, but together with a voiceover is where you’ll really get your message across.

You need a voiceover that is recorded professionally to a broadcast quality.  Anything less, will distract and potentially harm your message.  You also want a voiceover that is appropriate to your brand.

I provide voiceovers that are friendly, but with authority and warmth to give the right tone for many businesses.

Getting and keeping your viewers attention is key.  You have one shot to communicate your message.  The best way to do that is with an Explainer Video featuring a Professional Voiceover.  The results will transform your production.

Click the video below to see a real-life recent example of my Explainer Video Voiceover work.

Alternatively, take a listen to my voiceover show-reels, and get in touch for more information.

I’m also happy to record a short sample of your script, to test out my voiceover for your production.  

Explainer Video Voiceover Sample – Mar 2017

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