Yorkshire Based Voiceover

My voice has been a regular fixture on media in Yorkshire for several decades. I was born (and still live) in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

You possibly already know me as the voice of TripAdvisor’s owl (Little Wiser) in their TV commercials. I featured in their ads in the UK, USA and Canada, seen by millions of viewers between 2017 & 2019.

A Northern Voice Over.

My working voice is fairly neutral – having softened over the years. It has been described as northern / neutral accent with “a hint of Yorkshire”.

Of course, I can turn it up.

Clients often seek a Yorkshire voice to either represent where they’re from or because it brings a down-to-earth sensibility and trustworthiness that many companies are looking for.

Yorkshire values: Honesty, helpfulness, trust, straight-talking and on their level.

Leeds – Bradford Studio.

I work from my own studio in Yeadon. It’s technically Leeds, but as close to Bradford city centre.

I can connect live to remote studios or record audio to supply as a file ready to go.

Take a listen to my audio, and get in touch for a no obligation quote. Free sample demo also available.

Salford MediaCity or Manchester.

Being based in the north, getting across to MediaCity or Manchester for recording sessions is reasonably straightforward, or other locations in the north.

Listen and Download

My Career In Radio In Yorkshire.

Before training as an actor, I worked for more than 25 years as a radio presenter in Yorkshire. (1988-2012).

Stations included: Radio Aire (Leeds), Magic 828 (Leeds), Stray FM (Harrogate), Minster FM (York), Yorkshire Coast Radio (Scarborough), Fresh Radio (Skipton), Ridings FM (Wakefield), Dearne FM (Barnsley), Magic 1152 (Hull).

Also as the first ever voice of the Flying Eye in Yorkshire, I appeared regularly on Hallam FM (Sheffield) and Viking FM (Hull) in the 90s.

Actor Training In Leeds.

Whilst my actor training has taken me to France, Belgium and Denmark, it all began in Leeds. I trained in Meisner in Leeds with West Yorkshire Theatre Network & Both Feet, and also attended television acting classes at Act Up North for over 4 years.

Remote Voiceover Booth of Tony Collins Fogarty - Yorkshire Voice Over Artist
Voice Booth

My Leeds Studio.

I work from a professional standard home studio in Leeds offering:

Live studio quality connections – for directed sessions which you can record, or I can record and send audio post session.

I can record, edit and send clean audio ready to use. This is particularly useful for clients working in digital with no physical studio.

I can also work with video files, where you need audio to match or sync content.