Learning Technologies 2020 seems like a lifetime ago. But it was almost the last time many of us left the house!

2020 was my first year attending Learning Technologies 2020 at the ExCeL in London and I’ll be honest it was a complete blur!

So many people spoken to. So many stands visited. I’d love to chat again and share my knowledge of what I do.

How I Can Help You…

E-Learning Voice Over Recording Studio for Tony Collins Fogarty. British e-learning voiceover artist.
Voice Over Recording Studio
E-Learning Voice Overs edited and supplied by Tony Collins Fogarty. British e-learning voiceover artist.
Professional Audio Editing

Broadcast Quality E-Learning Audio

I work as a voiceover artist and actor.

I work from my own studio and supply broadcast quality audio in formats that your Instructional Designers will be able to drop into projects and use easily.

Ask for a no-risk, free sample of your script to test out the product.

File Splitting, Editing & Produced

I expertly edit audio. I can add EQ and processing where needed.

I also can split files according to your needs and naming conventions. You don’t need to produce… audio is ready to go.

Consistent Studio Quality

When you have changes, I have my own studio.

Retakes and ‘pickups’ are easy to do.

They will sound the same, and fit with audio already supplied.

Personal Working Relationship

You can work directly with me, getting the job done quickly, easily and with little fuss. You’re not booking through a third party. You’re not paying a mark-up for the work. I am my roster, so I won’t have ‘left the agency’ when you come back.

Need Someone Else?

I work in a voiceover community where, for the full time professionals, we all know each other. This means even if I’m not what you’re looking for, I probably can recommend someone trustworthy to work on your E-Learning content.

Let’s Stay Connected

You might not have a relevant project right now, but when you do need a voice over it will be easy for you if we’ve already been in touch and established that we can work together.