The voice of the brand spokesperson (spokesowl) ‘Little Wiser’.

The TV Brand Voice

Between 2017 and 2019 I became the brand voice for a major new campaign for Tripadvisor.

My voice was chosen to be the trustworthy expert representing their brand on television in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

I featured in more than 20 TV commercials, shown extensively.  In the United States, iSpotTV reported the US ads were aired nationally more than 85,000 times, reaching millions of viewers.  The campaigns in the UK and Canada were of a similar nature.

A friendly, relatable, character voice was needed, with a ‘wink’ to bring brand values to life in an owl!

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About Tripadvisor’s Campaign.

Tripadvisor is a major international brand.  As of 2020, it features 880 million user reviews and opinions. It is the world’s largest travel platform.

The ad campaign was a return to television for Tripadvisor after several years away.  The campaign as featured in this Skift article was  “geared to emphasize the owl spokesperson’s wisdom while projecting confidence and a relaxed manner as the character lies back on a hotel bed in his — yes, the owl is a he with a male voice — bathrobe, in a great hotel.”

The first wave of the campaign started with a budget of $70 million.   2018 saw a full year in the region of $150 million spent, puls more in the first half of 2019.  The US, Canada and UK markets were the significant part of that spend.

Do you need a Commercial Voice Over?

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