A English voiceover for the story of grape to bottle.

E-Learning Voice Overs

I love e-learning.  I love the idea that my work is educating someone.  Often it’s also educating me – but of course that never comes across in the work.  As the voiceover of this e-learning course for GH Mumm I was able to take the learner through the process of grapes to bottle.  Questions like, ‘What is an AOC”? “What is the difference between a Grand Cru and Premier Cru”.  “Which three main grape types are used to produce Champagne”.

One of the other aspects that I loved about being the voiceover on this e-learning project was that although in English, there were many French references as you might expect.  I’m an ongoing learner of French and a Francophile, so although not fully fluent, I was able to handle the references needed for this work.

When I said earlier ‘of course that never comes across in the work”, I was referring to the voiceover artist’s expertise.  In E-Learning, one of the main jobs of a voiceover artist is to communicate material that often they know little about, but in a way that they are perceived as an expert in the subject matter.  Communicating with ease and understanding the status you are inhabiting along with the status of your audience are crucial.

Listen and Download

The content recorded for GH Mumm is used internally, so can’t be shared in the public domain, but here is my E-learning reel which gives you a taste of the style of work.

E-Learning Voice Over: About the brand.

Perrier-Jouët is a Champagne produced based in the Épernay region of Champagne.  GH Mumm is one of their champagne brands.   Today, the house is part of the Pernod Ricard umbrella of brands.

A Trusted Male E-Learning Voice Over.

I first worked on E-Learning projects back in 2014, around 8 years ago. Of course, by that stage I already had many years voice experience, but I felt a particular affinity to the learning process. I loved working with international brands on crafting great E-Learning content.

I’ve covered topics such as grapes and champagne production, IT technology, security, brands, franchises, fraud, psychology and staff development.  It’s always great to touch base with Instructional Designers and Project Managers ahead of time, even if what you’re contemplating isn’t ready for production yet.  E-Learning can have a long production timeline so planning and making contacts early is hugely beneficial.   I can also record a free voice over sample which can be useful going into the pitching process with an end client.

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