My Background As A Voice Actor

Tripadvisor Screenshot 1: British Male Voice Over (Tony Collins-Fogarty) was chosen to be the voice of the owl in TV Commercials shown in the UK, USA and Canada.

Tripadvisor Screenshot 2: From TV spot voiced by British Male Voice Actor, Tony Collins-Fogarty.
Tripadvisor Commercial Still 3: British Actor, Tony Collins-Fogarty as Little Wiser in TV Commercials.
Tripadvisor Screenshot 4: The owl voiced on TV by British Voice Actor - Tony Collins-Fogarty.
Tripadvisor Screenshot 5: British Male Voice Over, Tony Collins-Fogarty was the brand voice on TV.

I’m an experienced British Voice Actor. You may already know my voice as the bathrobe-clad owl (Little Wiser) from TripAdvisor’s TV campaigns (2017 to 2019). More than 20 commercials, shown in the UK, USA and Canada. The US commercials alone, have aired more than 85,000 times* – seen and heard by millions of viewers.

(*source: iSpotTV)

Of course I do other things too. I’ve worked on video narration, e-Learning content, on-hold messaging, awards ceremony announcements (Voice of God) and dubbing. You can also hear me on France 24’s “The Observers” TV show – on their English language service.

I’ve worked professionally for 16 years (full time for the last 8 years), including US based clients through all those years. Prior to voiceover and acting, I worked as a radio on-air talent and producer. 

My Quality Home Voice Over Studio

My remote voice-over booth.  I voice from the UK to clients around the world.  A British accent, worldwide.
Broadcast Quality Voiceovers

The biggest question I get from US clients is, “Do you have the paid version of Source Connect“. The answer is, Yes! I use Source Connect Standard.

I have my own studio, which allows me to work live with studios around the world, or self-record and supply audio, depending on your requirements.

I work with a mix of production studios, agencies and end clients.

Becoming a Voice Actor.

From 2012, I decided that to become a more rounded in my skills, I should take some actor training. This was my journey to becoming a Voice Actor. I consider myself more than just an ‘announcer‘.

Initially, my thoughts were to take just a few classes, but 6 years later it had been much more than that.  I have done vocal classes, 6 years of The Meisner Technique, and 4 years of Acting For TV classes.

I have also trained one-to-one with Nancy Wolfson (Braintracks Audio). Nancy is a world-class voiceover coach, based in Los Angeles.

I believe training is a life-long process. Always learning. Always improving.

British Actor - Tony Collins-Fogarty
Photo from Meisner Technique training.  Also featured: Arnold Pollock. (Photo credit: Anthony Robling)
Acting – The Meisner Technique

Before Voice Over: Radio & Events

Picture of Party In The Park - Temple Newsam Leeds.  Tony was the event manager for 3 years (1996, 1997 & 1998).  The largest free concert in the UK at the time.
I event managed the Party In The Park Concerts for Radio Aire in Leeds in 1996, 1997 and 1998.
(At the time it was the largest free concert of its type in the UK).

My background was working in UK radio since 1988. I presented my first show in 1989, working with many stations until around 2012. I trained in London with the legendary US Radio coach, Dan O’Day. I presented a live network show across 26 UK radio stations. At some stations, I also had management roles encompassing production, PR, marketing and live events such as pop concerts for up to 70,000 people.

Geek Alert

I’ve been a computer geek all my life, since a computer camp at the age of 11. I studied computer programming for 2 years at college and have maintained an interest ever since. I have experience in web development including HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, WordPress content and theming. I am also experienced in video editing and media content creation. During 2020 I’ve taken numerous courses and training in digital marketing and SEO. All this helps me talk your language when producing content for a variety of purposes.


Over the last 6 years I’ve become a huge Francophile, making 10 trips to France between 2015 and 2019. I will return when the Covid crisis subsides. I’m currently at B1 level in French, taking classes with Alliance Française in Leeds. One day I might make the move, although my voice-booth will come with me of course. I am also now a dual-national, holding both UK and Irish passports.

What I Offer.

I believe there is huge value in building long-term working relationships. I specialise in the corporate and commercial sectors. I’m here to offer advice, help you do the best work possible, on time and to budget. My values are Trust, Quality, Ease and Value.

Career Highlights:

Voice-over of TripAdvisor TV Campaign in the US, Canada and the UK, heard by millions of viewers. More than 85,000 national airings on US Television between June 2017 and Aug 2019. I was the brand voice behind the owl – Little Wiser.

British Male Voice - Tony Collins Fogarty was the voice of TripAdvisor's owl on TV.  Still from campaign.

Training as an actor for over 6 years, principally in the Meisner Technique and acting for camera. Appearing in my first theater play in 2015.

Voice of over 20,000 Realty Video Tours for leading UK realtors over 5 years. (2012-2017)

Producing and presenting a syndicated network radio show across 26 stations in the UK.

Producing and stage managing Radio Aire’s “Party In The Park” concert for three years.  An outdoor, live event attended by 70,000 people in Leeds.

Producing and event managing Leeds United soccer club’s pre-match and half-time entertainment for two successful years. This was through their peaks in the both The Premier League and Champion’s League. (1999-2001)

Producing Live Outside Radio Broadcasts from Disneyworld Florida, back to the UK. Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Disneyworld Florida.

Co-creating a television game show format, optioned and then piloted by Yorkshire Television.

Presenting Yorkshire’s first ever Flying Eye travel service. Live broadcasts from a plane, every day.