Image of Cleanfeed logo.  Cleanfeed is an I.P. Codec that allows voiceover artists to connect live to another studio.

Connection Details

You don’t need an account to connect via Cleanfeed.

It’s recommended you use a Chrome web browser. It’s free. Send me your email address and I can send you a link to join a session.

What is Cleanfeed?

Cleanfeed is an IP codec that allows live remote voice over recording sessions at studio quality.  One of the newer entrants to the market, it has become a firm favourite with radio people because of its simplicity and ease of use. Many voice over artists, especially in the UK, use Cleanfeed.

Cleanfeed is also widely used in radio too. In the UK, the largest operator, Global Radio (a major shareholder in iHeart Media in the US), has made Cleanfeed it’s solution of choice as a replacement for ISDN connections to voice-over artists.

I already haven an account, I can invite you to a session easily, with just your email address.  If you’d like to test it out with a transatlantic test, just give me a shout.

British Voice-Overs via Cleanfeed.
Cleanfeed Voice-Over Interface

For the geeks…

This service derives its name from the industry term – ‘clean feed’.  (Also sometimes called ‘mix minus’.)  When two studios connect they send an audio feed to each other so that they can hear and collaborate.  Now, imagine if you’re listening to the incoming audio from another studio through your desk, and then you’re sending back everything that is going through your desk to that studio.  You’d be creating a feedback loop, by sending the original feed back to its source. You’d have massive squealing noise or echo.  Instead it’s normal to send back a ‘mix’ of everything… minus the incoming feed that you’re listening to from the other party.  This eliminates the risk of feedback.  You are sending back a ‘clean feed’.  Geddit?

Can I connect to you with Cleanfeed?

Yes. Absolutely.   It couldn’t be simpler.

Test My Voice-Over Studio – Risk Free.

It’s only natural if you’ve never worked with me before, you might want to test out my voice-over studio, with a live line test or a sample recording. I’m happy to do this for you, just let me know!