Live voice over sessions can be delivered using your Session Link PRO account.  I can easily connect at your invitation.

Connection details

If you have a Session Link PRO account, I can easily connect your studio remotely for a live voice over session.

Simply email me a session invite and I can connect.

I also have other connections, including Source Connect Standard – which can also work with an ISDN bridge.

Session Link PRO is widely used by European studios. It uses webRTC technology to facilitate a high quality connection using the OPUS codec.

It can also used in streaming and production of video, so can be used where live sync to picture is being done in the session. It is also used in HQ conferencing.

Although I don’t have my own account, I have connected to studios at their invitation and been able to work with them live.

Risk Free Voice Over Studio Test

If you need a British voiceover artist. I’m always happy to record a short demo sample of my recording studio facilities. If you’d like to do a line test to demonstrate a live quality connection, I can do that too. Get in touch to schedule something.

I work from my own remote broadcast quality studio. I use a variety of connections to link up live with US based studios. I use a Neumann TLM 193 mic, with an Audient id4 interface.

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