Voiceover Studio for live sessions.  My voicebooth allows me to connect to studios across the US.
Voice Booth
Voiceover editing facilities.  I work with the latest version of Adobe Audition CC.
Editing Suite – Adobe CC – Full Suite including Audition

Voice Over Home Studio – Technical Specification.

When working with remote voiceover artists, you want to be sure of a certain technical standard in recording.  I work from my purpose built booth, to a broadcast standard.

Studio Specification:

Microphone: Neumann TLM193 /  Audio Technica 4033a.

Computer: iMac 2018 / MacOS High Sierra / 24gb RAM.

Software: Adobe Audition (Plus the full Adobe CC 2019 suite), iZotope RX7 Standard.

Equipment: Audient iD4 (Booth interface), Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (Office monitoring), BeyerDynamic DT100 Headphones.

Live Sessions via:  Source Connect Standard, Cleanfeed, Source Connect Now and ipDTL/ISDN.

Live Direction via:  Skype, Telephone (UK and USA numbers) and Google Hangouts.

Recorded Delivery:
MP3, WAVE, AIFF, CD, FTP, Dropbox.   (Other formats are possible – ask for your specific requirements)

Recording Specification:

My default recording specification is:

24-bit / 48 kHz mono .wav files.

I’m happy to supply files in other formats or at other specifications.  Please let me know before recording.