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Voice Qualities

Warm, friendly, conversational, ageless, relatable, bright and dynamic.

Northern Neutral Accent

My roots are in Yorkshire. I can turn up the posh (RP) or relax it down to a more natural accent.

Voice Attitude

You want some of that British sarcasm?

I do authority, vulnerability and everything in-between.

Authentic, sincere, to sarcastic and cynical.

I’ve heard enough…

Voiceover Booth of Tony Collins Fogarty - A British Accent Voice Talent for Radio and TV Commercial Spots.
Purpose built Voiceover Booth

The Kit:

Mic: Neumann TLM 193.

Interface: Audient id4.

Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT770s.


Adobe CC – Full Package – including Audition.

Izotope RX 7 Standard.

Apple Imac 2018.

Desktop monitoring via Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

Audio Editing Suite for British Voiceover Talent Tony Collins Fogarty
Editing Suite – Outside Booth.
Live Voice Over Sessions via Source Connect Standard from the UK with British Voice Over Tony Collins-Fogarty.
Source Connect Standard – Interface

Live UK to US – Studio Quality Sessions:

I can connect live at studio quality to almost any studio in the world.

Studio Connections:

  • Source Connect Standard
  • Source Connect Now
  • Cleanfeed
  • ipDTL/ISDN by arrangement (I can use Daypass if needed).
  • Session Pro – if you have an account, I can connect to your session.

Directed Sessions:

I can record sessions, with you dialled in to direct. You can do it from a phone at your desk, or via Skype or other digital platflorm. Once completed, I send the un-edited session to you.


I can record and self-direct according to your brief, sending you edited takes.

The Project:

I’m happy to record an audition or sample larger scale National TV & Radio campaigns. I can also do a line test, should you need to.

For local radio spots, I am regularly available for live sessions at short notice. Being UK based and allowing for the time difference, this is likely to mean live sessions are in the morning (US). Alternatively, I can self-direct and record, so you can send a script as you leave the office and I can deliver it to you before 9am next day.

For online campaigns, lets chat, to see what you need and how I can help.

In booth Audio Interface.  Audient id4.  British Voice Talent Tony Collins Fogarty
Audient id4 Interface

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