Two different systems to connect live for a voice-over session any where in the world.

British Voice Over Artist via Source Connect.  Provided by Source Elements.

Source Connect Standard

Connection Details

To connect using Source Connect Standard, you need to have an account

Get in touch for details of how we can connect.

Source Connect NOW

Connection Details.

You do not need a Source Elements account to connect.

Simply request a session and I will send you a weblink prior to recording.

What is Source Connect Standard?

Source Connect Standard is not to be confused with other versions of Source Connect software. Here we are talking specifically about the “Standard” version.  This is a paid for software (installed on your computer) and is generally considered to be more reliable than its lesser free cousin.

The Standard version uses an online interface to connect and conduct live real-time studio sessions via the internet. This means the software connects directly between the two sources. There is no buffering because the audio isn’t routing through the browser and this makes the connection much more stable.

In the United States in particular it has been adopted as the go-to alternative to ISDN use. (There is also a ‘Pro’ version intended for studios. Pro and Standard can talk to each other).

Source Connect started life as a rack mounted piece of kit that connected over IP, but has evolved over the years.

What is Source Connect Now?

Source Connect NOW is one of a number of free IP codecs to have arrived in recent years. For clarity,  here we are talking specifically about the “NOW” version, not to be confused with Source Connect Standard or Pro. 

This service uses a high quality bi-directional studio link that allows broadcast quality connections at 128mbps.  The downside?  It’s not as reliable as Standard.  The upside?  It’s free – so you can connect with pretty much anyone – rather than just account holders.

When using IP codecs online, the Chrome browser (or Chromium) are strongly recommended.  Other browsers might work, but are more likely to have glitches or errors.

If you’re joining a session to listen and direct, it’s advisable to use headphones. This prevents your speakers creating feedback.

Image of the Source Connect Standard interface.  Source Connect Standard is widely used by voice talent to connect with studios for live sessions at broadcast quality.
Source Connect Standard – Interface

Can I connect via Source Connect Standard?

Yes.  Absolutely.   I’m on the current 3.9 Standard version and ready to connect.

Bear in mind, this Standard version can only connect to other users with Source Connect Standard or Pro software. 

Can I connect to you on Source Connect NOW?

Yes. Absolutely.  Ready when you are.

If you need a British voiceover artist, ask for more information.