An experienced UK voice actor as the voice of your video project.

I’m a British Voice Over Artist. I have a neutral / northern tone, with a hint of Yorkshire.

My voice qualities are warm, friendly, conversational, relatable, ageless, bright and dynamic.

Authentic, sincere and even a little sarcastic. Whatever style you’re looking for, just stick it in the brief. That sounds pretty great huh?

In the US market, British voices are seen as intelligent, sophisticated and up market. They can also give your content an ‘international feel’ while still being in English.

Video production can pop when you use a British voice-over to stand out. Tony Collins-Fogarty is a UK based voice-over.

Listen to my showreels.

Listen and Download

Skilled at editing and production. Not just a pretty voice.

I’ve been editing audio for decades, so I know my way around my equipment. If 10,000 hours makes you an expert, then I’m a wizard.

If technical specs and photos of microphones make your eyes glaze over, do not… I repeat, do not press either of the next two buttons.

Phew! You’re still here. This is what you came for:

  • Live or recorded sessions.
  • Professional studio quality.
  • Quick turnaround and supply.
  • Files edited or raw.
  • Processed or not.
  • Recorded at 48 khz or 44.1 khz.
  • .WAV, .mp3 or another format.

Did I mention you can try me out risk free?

Send me your brief and script and I will record you a short sample recording. Use it either to check my quality or impress your client.

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