A Voice Over for TalkTalk’s Sales Conference and Awards Ceremony.

What is a VOG Voice Over (Voice Of God) ?

I guess the first thing to explain is, what exactly is the Voice Of God?  Well, imagine you hear an all-knowing voice talking to you.  You hear it and the voice is omnipresent.  It’s like it’s coming from the sky.  It’s as if it’s the Voice of God. 

Why Would I Need a Voice Of God?

The most common requirement for a Voice of God today is in the sector of events, awards and conferences.

The VOG is important both in terms of creating the right atmosphere and excitement, but also in communicating critical information.

My Voice of God for TalkTalk.

My role was to voice and produce a number of pre-recorded announcements for use on the day by the event company.  These varied from a number of service announcements pointing out important information, countdowns to the start of the event inviting people to take their seats, and award nomination information including the guests presenting on stage.

Do I need a Live or Pre-recorded Voice?

Often this is decided by the size and nature of the event. Events may use either. If performing live, the Voice is normally present at the venue and sitting out of sight, but able to respond to events as they happen.

Famous Voice Of God Examples.

In of the most famous VOGs, here in the UK at least, is Peter Dickson.  He was immortalised and imitated as the Voice Of God for the X-Factor TV series. 

Globally, the long-missed Don La Fontaine or actor Morgan Freeman are probably some of the best known.

Experienced at Events.

In my former radio life, I was the PR and Events Manager during the 90s at Radio Aire, a Leeds-based commercial radio station. I organised and was responsible for many major events.  This means that I know exactly what you’ll be looking for in this sector.

TalkTalk Business was a "Voice Of God" client, seeking voiceovers for their Sales Conference and Awards.

About The Client.

In 2019, I was commissioned by a leading UK event organiser to be the voice of “TalkTalk Business Sales Conference and Awards”.   This is the annual conference and awards for the Sales teams of the business division of TalkTalk.  TalkTalk Telecom Group plc is a major provider in the telecommunications, internet and paid TV sectors. 

Can I be your Voice Of God?

If you have an event planned or maybe you are an event company, then let’s have a chat about what you do and how I can help you get the job done.  I’m easy to reach and work with.  I’m experienced in audio production and I understand the pressures you face working in live events.